Durre Najaf


The challenges of the Jih’ad against the Jahiliyyah (illiteracy) and injustices are many, but the lack of funds injures us the most. We contribute in our own way – with time and effort – since it is our responsibility to carry on this constructive task. It is our wish to conduct a historical study of Islam, in a scientific manner, from the time of Rasulullah(S) to the current era using the primary sources. The young generation is in search of authentic literature which provides them with sufficient information about their religious background and splendid history. It is hoped that after studying this, the youth will strive to educate themselves and turn to play a constructive role in society for progress and prosperity.

A scholar only uses his research to produce writings so that others may take benefit in the present as well as future. A mere pen has started many revolutions in this world. It was the pen writing down the divine words of the Qur’an, Ahadith and Akalim of Amir al Mumineen (a.s) that led to Arabia being revolutionized 1400 years ago. The world has been changed by the Talim spread by Ahl al Bait (a.s) that has left behind great Hikmah as their legacy for us to study and grow from. Moreover they are physically present amongst us; their spirits and words remain eternally alive and bear witness to the tradition:

“The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr.”

Please write for information about our Academic Proposals. Your financial support in this regard will help us make our academic dream a reality and prove to be a useful provision of Aakhirah:

“The day of which property will not avail, nor sons”. [Qur’an 26:88].

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