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This section helps believers around the world to experience a healthy spiritual environment from the comforts of their home. Abi Abdillah al Imam Jafar us Sadiq (a.s) defined the meaning of Im’an as:

  1. To express verbally
  2. To believe with the heart
  3. To act upon the Arkaan- rites of Shariah

Indeed poems on Ahl al Bait (a.s) and their Du’at encompass meanings of Im’an. The 9th Shia Fatemi Ismaili Imam, better known as Al Shakhs al Fadil Saheb al Rasail, Imam Ahmad al Mastur (as) explained:

Sounds that are emitted by a living being are of two kinds:

  1. One which has meaning
  2. The other that does not.

Meanings are expressed by the use of letters and words. These words form sentences, and by the help of these sentences human beings are able to communicate what is in their heart. Allah has gifted humans with the sense of hearing. He senses these sound waves with the help of the ear. The ear then sends these signals to the brain, the seat of al Aql.

Our Multimedia collection enables you to hear the best Qir’at of Qur’an and Naats in praise of Muhammad Rasulullah (S), Manaqib in praise of Amir al Mumineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s) and his ‘itrat Tahirah (as) along with Marasi (sing: Marsiya, Marsiah) of Moula al Husain Ibn Ali (a.s) and Ahl al Bait (a.s), at large. Selected Ady’at (singular: Dua) of Amir al Mumineen (a.s), Al Imam al Husain (a.s) and Al Imam Ali ibn al Husain Zain ul Abideen (a.s) are also available as clear and comprehensible recitations. Munaj’at, Ziyar’at and Qasaid Imami are its distinctive features. Besides this, a few primary sources (books) are available in PDF Files on different topics of interest along with the collection of Ady’at in Arabi Text.

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