Sciences of Islam

Durre Najaf

Sciences of Islam

Allah has created all things in pairs (Surah Az Zariy’at). The greatest pair that this Ayah alludes to is that of Zahir and Batin – that which is evident and that which is concealed. The subject of Tawil illuminates Batin or the hidden. Allah bestowed His glorious Faiz upon Rasulallah (S), who then transformed it into a physical state and brought it to the people of the world in the form of Shariah. Those who study the Tawil of Qur’an and seek knowledge at the hands of Rasulallah (S) and Awliy’a (ra), return from their human state into transcendent beings. Only through Awliy’a (as) is this transformation even possible; others who attempt to decipher and understand the hidden and evident meanings of the Qur’an and the Shariah will not be able to reach this heavenly destination. This is the Sh’an of Awliy’a (ra) and their magnificence. It is for this reason that Allah sent them from the spiritual to the physical world that we live in. Science attempts to understand the form and state of various objects. Physicists research the process of transformation of matter into energy, and atoms into nuclear energy. However, neither science nor ordinary human beings have the ability or power to transform physical matter into a spiritual state – only Awliy’a (ra) possesses this unparalleled capability.

Sciences of Islam are like an ocean that engulfs precious ornaments which can only be extracted by an experienced diver with the ability to navigate the deep. Al Uloom al Khafiyyah cannot be transferred through books. There are many branches of Al Uloom al Khafiyyah dealing with various astonishing triumphs and activities and it is very difficult to classify them. Kimiya, Limiya, Himiya, Simiya, Rimiya are also branches of the Sciences of Islam that are not accessible to all, except those who are endorsed by the divine world. Imam Jafar us Sadiq (as) is the founder of occult sciences in Islam. According to Shi’i Imami tradition, he taught al Zahir (the exoteric), al Batin (the esoteric), and Batin al Batin (the esoteric of the esoteric). He was the fountain of occult sciences that includes:

‘ilm al Jafr, ‘ilm al Abjad, ‘ilm al Adad, ‘ilm al Huruf, ‘ilm al Taskhir, ‘istikharah, Fa’al, Qiyafah, Firasah, Hirz wal Ruqa (Amulet, Tilsam) ‘ilm al Ruya(dream science) etc.

Through these esoteric and occult sciences, cure of Black Magic, Evil Eye, Jinn and Spirits is possible. Sciences of Islam are the result of the wedlock between spirit that emanated from the Wahi of Qur’an and existing sciences of various cultures that were succeeded by Islam. These were transmuted through its spiritual power into a new body, at once different from, and continuous with what had existed before it .

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