Iqtisad al Islam

Durre Najaf

Iqtisad al Islam

Iqtis’ad al Islam deals with Islamic thoughts on finance, banking, economics, trade, commerce and industry. It has facilitated a better understanding of Islamic finance by analyzing the various interconnected topics. One of the most important contributions has been the bringing together of Shariah opinion or consensus. We will try to discuss the following issues in sha Allah: Economics, Finance, Business, Trade, Industry, Har’am and Halal, Interest and Riba, Charity and Welfare, Money, Capital, Fund, Wealth, Investment, Cash, Currency, Bank etc.

To regain the lost glory of Muslims it is essential for the intelligentsia of Muslim countries to uphold their own financial power, which is not possible without investment in their own gold assets. The Western nations and their bankers invest the assets of Muslims in their own countries in gold and against that issue paper currencies. It is time that the Muslim world seriously ponders upon this and considers introducing the Gold Din’ar which could eliminate the paper money of the west. It would then pave the way for the gold dinar to rehabilitate the East not only monetarily but also politically since it would curtail its dependency on the West.

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