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Najaf Spiritual Center

Through the Qur'an and Asma ul Husna following problems would be cured, Inshallah Be Hawlillah:
• Love among husband and wife
• Disease Cure
• Removing Evil-eye effects
• Control Jinn, Arwah Khabisah
• Getting proper job
• Increase in Rizaq
• Protection from enemies.
And many more…!

Sahar[Black Magic] is discussed in the Qur'an. Allah granted power to His Sole representative Musa to crush the evil power of Firoon's Magicians. Likewise, ilahi Uloom was transferred from Anbiya and Aimmah to Muttaqi class and from them it spread in different parts of the world to protect humanity from the attacks of the Shait'an. Ulama and Mashaikh have practiced these spiritual sciences up to the present time. In the tradition of Islam, healers utilize both medicinal remedies and spiritual methods. The spiritual techniques follow the scientific principles, which utilizes the patient's hidden energy with the power contained in the Dua.

Spiritual healing is not at all a mysterious process but is in fact very straight forward, albeit this science is not common, which everyone can learn or practice. It is that secret science which is transmitted from lips to ears. The spiritual healing technique involves the energy field that exists around each of us. Everyone has an energy field or an aura that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. This field is closely associated with the health of the human being. In different cultures, energy is known by different names, in Arabi it is known as Qudrah.

Energy is the life breath transmitted to us from the ilahi-power that overlooks human beings and all creations. Energy regulates our thought patterns and emotions, is the source of our life force and is the animating factor in all living beings. It circulates through our bodies and can be attached for healing. It is the source of all the movements in the universe. When the human body loses its life breath, the original energy (spirit) leaves it, allowing the body to decompose. The body goes back to its earthen origins and the spirit returns to its eternal origin of spiritual energy. This energy is never lost and exists without the secret of its nature being understood by science and modern medicine.

This spiritual energy is behind the life of every drop of blood in animate beings, the motion behind every living cell, and the driving force of constellations and galaxies. The action of this force is real because nothing can survive in the Aalam ul Kabir-Universe without its influence. Likewise, in Aalam us Saghir, which is the human body, life force plays its part. The anatomic relations of the body's organs are altered and disrupted, which leads to pain, organ dysfunction and an overall deterioration of health.

The spiritual energetic life force creates an energy field around itself like a highly charged magnet or electrode. This force reflects its energy throughout the human body and becomes the driving life force behind all of its activities and processes. The life force not only energizes the body but also gives it its identity. As an atom is defined by its constituent electrons, protons, and neutrons–which are also its energy components–so, too does the spiritual life force gives energy and identity to the physical body.

The healing spiritual energy is analogous to a waterfall. If a waterfall is channeled in the right way, it can be harnessed to produce energy and give light. Similarly, if our blood flow is properly channeled through a balanced, equilibrated system, the driving force of that energy will augment the energy of the weak organs. In those organs where the life force has been weakened and dissipated, spiritual healing will increase and activate these vital forces. A similar phenomenon is seen in an atomic reaction, where tremendous power is released from the nuclei of the atom. The energy produced increases geometrically as the activated, energized atom spreads its energy to its neighbors, propagating a chain reaction of energy release. The same principle of the atomic reaction is used by spiritual healers to harness and activate the life force within the patient, much in the same way that contemporary physicians direct lasers to heal affected areas of the body. The spiritual healers access a similar chain reaction of the body's existing energy, channeling it to the affected areas to heal pain and suffering.

Muslims believe that every line of the Qur'an has the ability to heal; the key is ones Im'an and Niyyah. Aalim al Quran uses an inward approach to healing by applying spiritual techniques and methods to utilize the body's own energy. The difference between the spiritual healers and the non spiritual healers is that the former is healing from inside-to-outside while the latter is healing from outside-to-within. Each one is doing well for their patients and both meet on the common ground of curing the disease and relieving the pain and suffering. Mission of the Najaf Spiritual Centre is extending spiritual help among the seekers. Today, when Muslims are contacting non-Muslims, for the spiritual help in their matters, they are misguided. Often people are indulging in evil activities to fulfill their wishes. They just want to crush their opponents and this jealousy leads them towards Jahannam. Through Qur'an, and Asma ul Husna nothing wrong can be practiced. It is used only for removing all kinds of evil influences and to obtain good and attain peace of mind. This is the allowed way to fulfill ones wishes.

Each and every prescribed Ayah of the Qur'an has its unique healing property, which differs from those of other Ayaat. People are facing many problems day by day. They need to learn some basic to advance information about the spiritual world so they can get better awareness and their problems may be solved.

At times, the Spiritual Healer has to adopt certain methods where monetary expenses occur. Travelling to certain particular places for the specific healing of the causes, sometimes for sacrificial rituals where it is deemed necessary, Sadaqaat and Amal etc.

Therefore nothing is free in this world. Even a wife can demand Ujrat/reward from the husband for breast feeding their baby, as per the 'Right' granted to her by the Shariah. This shows the extent to which Islam asserts the fact that money has to be parted with where due. Paying Wajib dues demonstrates refined characters. Khumus Amount is acceptable.

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