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Tib al Islam discusses the medicines and method of treatment of ailment granted by Muhammad Rasulullah (S) which later became famous as Tib al Nabavi. This term has been understood by both the physicians and the commoners. Under the patronage of Muslims, Greek Medicinal Science has developed and flourished and has become a part of Tib al Islam. According to Muhammad(S), every disease has a cause and a cure. Prophetic medical traditions do not stop at following the teachings of the prophets, but encourage humans to search for cures as well. Contribution of Muslims cannot be ignored to promote Tib al Nabavi and Greek medicines. For Shifa and cure Tib al Islam is recommended today in western Hospitals and acknowledged by their medical system.

Tib or science of Medicine flourished from the early era of Islam, as Rasulullah(S) provided numerous prescriptions and applications for cure of many health disorders. During the Imami period, many prominent Doctors learned from Abi Jafar Imam Muhammad al Baqir and Abi Abdillah Imam Jafar Assadiq and in turn spread it throughout the Muslim world. This medical wealth flourished under Muslims and was transferred later on from Arabi language to Latin language and reached Europe, which enlightened them for centuries. For more than one thousand years, "Canon of Medicine" written by Al Shaikh al Rais Bu Ali Sina, who was Dai of the Fatemi Imam al Hakim, was taught in all Westeran Medical Institutions. When we see our glorious past we observe that the light of knowledge in almost all faculties has illuminated the world. Europe took due advantage to remove its darkness, and as a result the world observed the renaissance in Europe. In Arabia around a thousand years ago the phase of dark night started for the Muslims in the entire world. Muslims became slaves of the dominating nations and became dependent on them in all their affairs. It is time that our generation should spend their time to get modern education, especially in science, technology and medicine to get its forgotten glory.

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