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Muslim Culture and Civilization

Amir al Mumineen Ali has said:
There is no greater heritage than culture.

It is our moral responsibility to the Mohammad and his itrat Tahirah and our Awliya to preserve this richest of cultures. Our goal is to teach the young generation and help them to become strong with cultural identity providing them with the confidence to be proud of their rich heritage and allowing them to interact with other cultures without losing their cultural identity.

Muslim Culture & Civilization is a term primarily used in secular academia to describe the Islamic cultural practices common to historically Islamic people. As the religion of Islam originated in the 7th century in Arabia, the early forms of Muslim culture were predominantly Arab. With the rapid expansion of the Islamic empires, Muslims contacted and assimilated much from the Persian, Turks, Pakistani, Mongol, Indian, Malay, Berber and Indonesian cultures. Civilization is sometimes a controversial term which has been used in several ways. Primarily, the term has been used to refer to human cultures which are complex in terms of technology, science, politics and division of labour. Such civilizations are generally urbanized. The months of Muharram and Ramazan have great importance in the life of a Muslim. The following occasions are celebrated by Muslims: Eid, Mawlid, Lailat al Miraj, Haj etc. Muharram is commemorated around the world with great religious zeal. Hadith, Sirah and Sunnah have greatly influenced Islamic Art, Islamic literature, Islamic architecture, Persian Literature, Arabic calligraphy, etc.

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