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Iqtisad al Islam

Iqtisaad al Islam deals with Islamic thoughts on finance, banking, economics, trade, commerce and industry with discussions on Shariah based accommodating Iqtisaad and its application. It has facilitated a better understanding of Islamic finance by analyzing the various related topics. One of the most important contributions, has been the bringing together of Shariah opinion. We will try to discuss the following issues Inshallah: Economics, Finance, Business, Trade, Industry, Haram, Halal, Interest, Riba, Charity, Welfare, Money, Capital, Fund, Wealth, Investment, Cash, Currency, Bank etc.

To regain the financial glory of Muslims it is essential for the intelligentsias of Muslim countries to uphold their own financial power, which is not possible without investment in their own gold assets. The Western nations and their Bankers invest the assets of Muslims in their own countries in gold and against that assets issue paper currencies. It is time that the Muslim world thinks on this issue and seriously introduces the Gold Din'ar which could eliminate paper money of the west. The result of a gold Dinar as a currency in the world could cause the US Dollar to crash in value. It would be possible that the gold dinar would cause a shift in monetary power from the West to the East. Today the economy of the world is in the hands of Jewish Zionists, who control each and every matter as per their long term plan. They never tolerate any movement in this regard which may alert the sleeping Muslim Ummah. They will try to crush all movements, but it is the job of the Muslims to remain alert and be ready to face difficulties. Once they take this action with firm faith, Inshallah, help of Allah will allow them chain of opportunities.

It is pity that the wealth of Muslims which is stored in Banks in the West in pure gold is used by the West to perpetuate their nefarious designs in Muslim countries. Of course the Gold Dinar can be a trading currency, for all countries, not necessarily Muslim countries. But Muslim countries are in the best position to demonstrate the feasibility of the system. Muslims are in a position to manage their economies realistically and in the process show the world that they are capable of growing with stability and in peace.

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